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Dating Tips for Guys

If you are looking for dating tips for guys, you have come to the right place. We'll provide you with 5 simple tips for guys that should help you through online dating. These dating tips for guys are short and sweet. Our dating tips are easy to remember so you can read them quick and then get out there and start dating.  #1 tip, be yourself, even if it's painful. It'll save you hassle later.  #2 tip, have fun and try several sites before settling on a favorite. #3 tip, get an IM program. It's essential in online dating. You might need antivirus software, too. No, not that kind... the kind for your computer. #4 tip, stick to the same username, unless you really blow it with someone. It will cut down on confusion, and the possibility of having the same person contact you again and again. #5 tip, don?t go overboard. Play it cool and don?t overdo. Now is not the time to come off desperate.

See, we told you these dating tips were easy. You should not have a problem committing these to memory. Now get out there and start putting our tips to use. Go start dating!

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